R&D Committee outline in English

JSPS R&D committee:
New Value Creation of Autonomous- and Cooperative-Type Advanced Measurement using “AI”

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and our R&D committee:
JSPS is Japan’s core organization for the purpose of promoting science. Here, with regard to research issues that should promote development in the future, the “R & D Expert Committee” has been established to conduct comprehensive research based on cooperation between academia and industry, etc., and promotes industry-academia cooperation.
In 2018, we invited prominent researchers and engineers from academia and industry to create a new future system based on the fusion of “Inspection, Measurement and Analysis Technologies” and AI (artificial intelligence) technology that Japan boasts proposal, “a new R & D specialized committee” has been set up to create new value for autonomous and complex AI advanced measurements.
The committee examines the creation of new value to the industry while having discussions with experts in diverse fields, and organizes the competitive advantage of Japan’s emergence.
The committee period is from April 1, 2018, to March 31, 2021.

Our mission:
The exponential evolution of computers and the pervasive network environment have created Big Data, and are transforming social structure with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. With regard to “inspection, measurement, and analysis technology”, which boasts of Japan’s high industrial competitiveness, new ways of creating value through integration with this AI technology are being discussed. In order to obtain technical solutions, this committee will investigate a future-type operation system consisting of both an autonomous type that focuses on each equipment technology and a combination. In this way, we aim to be a competitive advantage as a completely new Solution/Operation beyond the physical limits of conventional equipment.

Our target:
Two new values from IMA-T and their integration:
-Autonomous type IMA-T to obtain a solution by applying “pieces” of data focusing on each equipment technology to the maximum value by AI, and
-Cooperative type IMA-T to fuse “All” data obtained from various equipment technologies by AI.
We think about creating new values by combining the two types above.
(* IMA-T stands for Inspection, Measurement and Analysis Technologies)

New values to create:
We consider the following three values in this committee.
-Technological value: Detection and extraction of previously unobtainable areas by the construction of a future-type operation system,
-Market value: A new business model of the industrial area of the Japanese emergence, and
-Human resource value: Human resource development based on this field.

-Chair: Dr. Kazuya Okamoto, Vice Dean, Professor, Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management, Yamaguchi University
-Vice Chair: Dr. Masaaki Sugiyama, Specially Appointed Professor of Japan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Osaka University

Committee activities:
This committee was established in April 2018 as a joint proposal of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 141 and 177 committees.
The three core areas of inspection, measurement, analysis technologies and applications applied to them are clarified and the discussion among members is repeated based on many examples (theory and practice).